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Your Wife’s New Slut Life Starts RIGHT NOW

Introducing our all-new and improved Slut Life training series! We’ve taken some of our old favorites and applied the new mastering techniques of our subliminal wife training program, and put them all under the category of Slut Life. These are the files that will become the basis of a sex-crazed slut’s new life. Take a look at the lineup and see if you don’t agree:

It starts with Horny Right Now. Horny Right Now simply repeats over and over and over in your wife’s head that she is insatiably horny right now. She needs your cock right now. In her pussy, in her ass, in her mouth, everywhere. It constantly repeats her need to have sex RIGHT NOW. Start there, and your wife’s path down the road to slut is well underway. Horny Right Now is $24.99.

Next, add Dreamslut. Our new version of Dreamslut includes all the features of our original: sexy, erotic dreams all night starring YOU, a desire to masturbate in her sleep, and a need to wake up horny as fuck and needing sex with you. But now we’ve added a heavily requested feature: nocturnal commands reminding her every night that sleeping naked is the best. She’ll start taking her clothes off in her sleep, and over time, just stop wearing clothes to bed at all. Dreamslut goes for $19.99.

Beg to Come is a precursor to many of our upcoming submission files, and starts installing submissive tendencies in your wife, especially in her verbalizations during sex. She’s going to start asking “PLEASE,” both just for your cock, but especially when she’s ready to come. In fact, she’ll find the more she begs to come, the easier it’ll become FOR her to come. It’s win-win for you, because in the act of surrendering her orgasms to you, she’ll start surrendering more and more of any dominant tendencies she has, and that will lead to all sorts of fun in the future.  Beg to Come can be yours for $19.99

We cap it off with a new version of Dress for Sexcess, which takes the best elements of our previous dress slutty file,  and adds all the features of our new generation: multiple voices, multiple sex tracks, and better-focused affirmations.  If you want your wife to start dressing sexy at home, out on the town, and in the bedroom, then this is the file for you. Dress for Sexcess is $19.99.


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New Product: Dress for Sexcess

Get your wife ready for Halloween — or any night you want to go out on the town, by training her to enjoy wearing her sexiest clothes for you. Short skirts, high heels, sexy lingerie. And, a special bonus set of affirmations: a desire to wear the sexiest Halloween costume she can think of.

Dress for Sexcess encourages your wife to think more about her body, take pride in her sexuality, and want to please you by dressing in revealing clothing during the day, and sexy underwear at night. It includes our “Love to Exercise” bonus affirmations, so that as she starts thinking more and more about dressing like she’s ready for sex, she’ll be hitting the gym more and more so that she looks fantastic when she actually starts doing it.

This file comes in silent, ocean sounds, or river rocks versions. It is regularly $19.99, but is on sale for the ENTIRE MONTH OF OCTOBER for just $9.99!

BONUS: Post a picture of your wife in a sexy costume in the comments after buying this, and I’ll send you a 50% off your next order coupon!!!