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New Product: Dress for Sexcess

Get your wife ready for Halloween — or any night you want to go out on the town, by training her to enjoy wearing her sexiest clothes for you. Short skirts, high heels, sexy lingerie. And, a special bonus set of affirmations: a desire to wear the sexiest Halloween costume she can think of.

Dress for Sexcess encourages your wife to think more about her body, take pride in her sexuality, and want to please you by dressing in revealing clothing during the day, and sexy underwear at night. It includes our “Love to Exercise” bonus affirmations, so that as she starts thinking more and more about dressing like she’s ready for sex, she’ll be hitting the gym more and more so that she looks fantastic when she actually starts doing it.

This file comes in silent, ocean sounds, or river rocks versions. It is regularly $19.99, but is on sale for the ENTIRE MONTH OF OCTOBER for just $9.99!

BONUS: Post a picture of your wife in a sexy costume in the comments after buying this, and I’ll send you a 50% off your next order coupon!!!



6 thoughts on “New Product: Dress for Sexcess

  1. I’m a Subliminals customer…
    So are you still doing your SWT? Is the Subliminals website still operational? Did the Feds shut you down? No updates on either Blog or Store site… Your updates and new products use to add credibility to your work now nothing for 26 days.
    Whats the latest?

    1. We took a little time off for the holidays — and to work on learning new audio mastering techniques. We hope to be introducing some significantly more powerful files in the first months of 2017. Stay tuned!

  2. Do you mean 2017 or 2016? If 2017 are you going to post any updates through 2016?

    1. Oops! Yes. 2016!

      I have just returned from a 2-month sabbatical, which included new training in subliminal recording methods. First new file comes out on Friday!

  3. Do you have anything for making her go bi? Making her become a swinger who wants sex at sex clubs? More importantly making her no longer jealous but willing to share my cock with other women all the time?

    1. We don’t have this one yet, Tim. It’s something we’ve considered doing, but haven’t pulled the trigger on. More products coming in 2016, though, so you never know!

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