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Lucky Dog Contest Winner!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

We had an amazing turkey day here. The SWT site didn’t though. Due to a web-hosting issue, we were getting weird timeouts all day, and most of Friday. Nevertheless, it has been a fantastic November.

Highlights of the month:

We released our most powerful, most fun file ever: Curious Bimbo. Designed to help a wife discover a love and desire for bimbofication modification!


We held three contests! (Two of them are still going on):

The “Coupon Contest” is going on all month, and EVERYONE WINS! All you have to is use the special coupon code, and you win $10 off any order, which would make any one of our legacy products free! So far, there have been 59 winners here!Just add coupon code WINNER10 at checkout.

The “Best Review Contest” is going on all month, too. For this one, we will select the best review left for any one of our products at the end of the month, and the winner gets a $100 Amazon Gift Card (or Visa Gift Card if they don’t shop at Amazon). So far, we’ve had some stellar reviews, and you can read some of them here.

And that brings us to the “Lucky Dog Contest.” Anyone who bought a product from November 1 through the 24th qualified to win a $100 gift certificate to the SWT store. We’re proud to announce that the winner of the Lucky Dog Contest is John G, who bought several files, including the best seller of the month: Dreamslut 2.0! Congrats, John! We’ve sent you an email with the winning details!

We’ll be kicking the audio editing system back into gear on Monday, after I sleep off all this turkey, so be on the lookout for more amazing files from here until Christmas. Have a fantastic rest of of the weekend, and happy training!