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New Product: Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss, SIlent

By popular request: our Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss line has been recorded with no background sounds. It’s now just a silent subliminal. Don’t play it too loud: even if you can’t hear it, it’s there, and it can be very disruptive for people with sensitive hearing!

Like all the other files, Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss, Silent is $19.99. Check it out today!


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New Product: Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss, Rushing River

Our popular Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss line has been extended. This version has bubbling river rocks sounds in the background.

The Intro to Oral Sex series is $19.99. You can read more about it here: Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss, Rushing River.


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New Product: Intro to Masturbation With Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds

Just released the file I started my wife with this week, Intro to Masturbation. This is a file for women who are not comfortable with masturbating at all. It helps a woman become more comfortable with her body, enjoy touching herself, and builds an intense connection between arousal and the need to masturbate to orgasm.

Affirmations for this file include learning to appreciate and love her body; to luxuriate in the feel of her hands crossing her body; an understanding that masturbation is normal, natural and healthy; and an increasing sense of arousal when she thinks about masturbating. The file includes arousal sounds and triggers, with the constant encouragement to touch herself and enjoy a self-driven orgasm.

In addition, this file includes the CORE Trust, Arousal and Initiation affirmations, and bonus affirmations that help create a love of exercise. While your wife is learning to love her body, she’s going to learn to love keeping it fit, getting it toned, and appreciating the sexiness of creating a more healthy, attractive figure.  Everything is masked underneath soothing ocean waves.

Intro to Masturbation with Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds is $19.99, on sale for just $9.99 until 7/15/2015.


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New Product: Oral Sex Mastery With Weight Loss, Ocean Sounds

This is our most powerful, most addictive, most life-changing file when it comes to training your wife to not just love giving oral sex, but in craving it as deeply as an addiction. It is very important, for best results, that you’ve already played Intro to Oral Sex for at least three weeks, and Advanced Oral Sex for three weeks, as this file builds upon the lessons presented there.

Affirmations include a need to suck her husband’s cock every day. Sexual dreams about oral sex. Constant daydreaming about sucking cock. Acceptance of two new titles: cocksucker and cumslut. A desire to deep throat and take an entire cock in her mouth. Cravings for the taste of cum, and the sensation of her husband orgasming in her mouth.  A need to swallow cumshots. This is a hard-core file, and you should be prepared for the consequences.

Oral Sex Mastery includes our special CORE introduction, which conditions your wife to trust you more, become more aroused by you and throughout her day, and to initiate sex with you when she gets in the mood (which will be constantly moving toward “always”).

Added bonus: Affirmations on this file encourage a healthy lifestyle with good food choices and the willpower to lose weight on a sensible diet. All this and more packed onto a subliminal file masked behind the soothing sounds of a roaring ocean.

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New Product: Advanced Oral Sex With Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds

The next step in your wife’s oral sex training is here. Advanced Oral Sex with Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds builds on the foundation set by the Intro to Oral Sex series. This file is intended to be played after at least three weeks of Intro to Oral sex for best results, as it builds on the lessons learned in the first session

Affirmations in this file include

I love sucking cock.
I have always loved sucking cock.
I am thinking about sucking my husband’s cock right now.
I want my husband to come in my mouth.
Every day I want to suck cock more and more.
I am getting horny thinking about giving oral sex.
I love sliding my husband’s cock into my mouth.
I will suck my husband’s cock tonight.

In addition to the over 100 lines of oral sex training affirmations, the special CORE affirmations are in this file. These build trust, arousal and a desire to initiate sex with you in your wife. Also included are affirmations that encourage both the man and woman to love exercising, hit the gym regularly, stick to fitness programs, and work for a better physique.

Regularly $24.99, this file is on sale for the first week of release for only $12.49 until 7/14/2015. Get it today!